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25% of your portfolio should be gold, 5% bitcoin says inventor, venture capitalist Alex Mashinsky

The liquidity injected by the Federal Reserve is equivalent to borrowing money from future generations, said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network.

“All that is not good for us long-term. What we’re really doing is is we’re borrowing from the future. We’re reaching out to the future, we’re borrowing from our children, spending it today to save our lifestyle and our level of income and we’re leaving the IOU to our children,” Mashinsky told Kitco News.

Mashinsky, who has himself invested in dozens of startups and was an early developer of the voice-over IP technology, said that the business landscape is changed forever by COVID-19.

“The coronavirus popped our debt bubble, meaning it changed our economy forever,” he said. “The winners of the past are not the winners of the future.”

On asset allocation, Mashinsky said that investors should hold more gold and bitcoin than before the pandemic.

“After coronavirus, I would say 25% gold and 5% bitcoin,” he said.


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