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Iron & Steel

18.Apr.19Global steel demand continues to grow in slowing economic environment: World Steel
17.Apr.19Chinese iron ore prices fall on expected jump in
17.Apr.19RBA warning on the economy, but there’s more iron ore cash to
17.Apr.19U.S. Raw Steel Output Surged
17.Apr.19Steel demand in India expected to grow above 7% in 2019-2020 world steel
17.Apr.19Vietnam under fire in steel
17.Apr.19Global steel demand to slow in 2019, 2020 –
16.Apr.19Dalian iron ore plunges 4.7 pct as Vale set to reopen Brucutu
16.Apr.19Steel futures slip as mood
16.Apr.19Iron ore slides as BCI cashes
16.Apr.19US steel demand to slow in 2019,
16.Apr.19 How’s the Steel Industry Doing?
16.Apr.19BHP cuts iron ore production outlook, will it help boost iron-ore prices, Aussie?
16.Apr.19India's steel sector to see faster growth in 2019, says
16.Apr.19Global steel demand to rise 1.3% in 2019:
16.Apr.19Global steel demand slows as China economy falters and trade war
16.Apr.19Slowing global economy dampens steel demand yet
15.Apr.19Egypt imposes temporary duties of 15% on iron billets, 25% on steel
15.Apr.19Major Decline in India's Steel Export to US; Increase in
15.Apr.19Steel sector to have good scenario in current year and the
15.Apr.19Insight: India's strong steel demand expected to
15.Apr.19Shanghai steel steadies ahead of Q1 GDP
15.Apr.19Chinese steel futures continue to
15.Apr.19US raw steel production falls in latest
15.Apr.19Iron ore shortage after Vale disaster hurting Brazil steelmakers
15.Apr.19Iron ore price holds
14.Apr.19Iran steel products exports up 90% in
14.Apr.19Iran exports over 4m tons of crude
14.Apr.19Insight: Vietnam's steel output to hit 30 million mt/
14.Apr.19Colombia's February steel output rises 7.4% on
14.Apr.19Steel industry deserves certainty and
14.Apr.19Value of Chile's February steel stocks up 23% on
14.Apr.19Chinese steel exports remain
14.Apr.19 Weekly iron ore wrap: Seaborne iron ore prices driven
14.Apr.19Scrap-iron ore spread at two-year low on iron ore
14.Apr.19Iron ore sustains Chinese producer
14.Apr.19Iron ore hits five-year
13.Apr.19India shifts to net steel importer in 2018-19, first time in three
13.Apr.19Why Steel Makers Are Worried That Tariffs Could
13.Apr.19Divergence Between Iron Ore And Steel - Is X A Buy Despite Analyst Downgrades?
12.Apr.19China's iron ore imports rise in March as steel output curbs
12.Apr.19How U.S. Steel Is Looking to the
12.Apr.19Iron ore spot prices approach 5-year
12.Apr.19China's iron ore climbs, posts 3rd weekly gain as demand
11.Apr.19U.S. Steel Stock Is Falling Because Analysts Keep Hammering
11.Apr.19China's steel, iron ore futures subdued after recent
11.Apr.19China's steel, iron ore resume gains on firm
11.Apr.19Indian iron-ore production peaks, but imports continue to
10.Apr.19Steel and iron ore flatten on lower
10.Apr.19China's iron ore futures pause after 7 sessions of
9.Apr.19BHP Group: Surfing On The Iron Ore
9.Apr.19Troubles Mount for US Steel as Credit Suisse Says ‘Sell’
9.Apr.19Iron ore miners surge as price at two-year
9.Apr.19Clarification on MB 65% Fe Iron Ore Value-In-Use
9.Apr.19U.S. Raw Steel Production Surged
9.Apr.19China's rebar hits fresh 7-1/2-yr peak, iron ore sizzles in 7-day

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05.Apr.19Iron Ore 62% Fe93.5$ USD / Tonne25.0%74.3Trading Economics
05.Apr.19Australia 61.5% FOB83.22$ USD / Tonne18.9%70Shanghai Metals Market
05.Apr.19Brazil 65% FOB87.99$ USD / Tonne17.0%75.2Shanghai Metals Market
05.Apr.19India 63.5% FOB76.15$ USD / Tonne19.2%63.9Shanghai Metals Market

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