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Iron Ore & Steel News

18.Jun.19Correction: Steel Plant-Pollution
18.Jun.19Steel imports from South Korea and Japan fill up the Chinese
18.Jun.19U.S.-China trade spat causing some slowdown in Japan steel demand - Japan steel
18.Jun.19Dalian iron ore rebounds; Tangshan move stokes demand
18.Jun.19Downbeat Coal Exports, Global Steel Markets to Weigh on Coal
17.Jun.19Steel industry seeks safeguard duty to counter rise in
17.Jun.19Rocketing Chinese steel output not halted by iron ore supply
14.Jun.19China supply concerns and Brazil woes send iron ore price
14.Jun.19Demand for non-mainstream fines in China strong on high iron ore
14.Jun.19China steel output hits record in May despite tumbling profit
14.Jun.19China supply concerns and Brazil woes send iron ore price
13.Jun.19China's iron ore hits record high on way to best week in over 4
13.Jun.19Iron-ore, gold surge propel South African miners to 11-year
13.Jun.19AISI Provides Latest Weekly Update on U.S. Raw Steel
13.Jun.19US weekly Raw Steel production up 3.3% y/
12.Jun.19Chinese steel mills chase low grade ore, discount at
12.Jun.19Iron ore on the move higher - Dalian iron ore up 4% at
12.Jun.19ASX flat as miners gain, big banks
10.Jun.19Dalian iron ore jumps on worries about supply
10.Jun.19China's iron-ore surges as tight supply concerns
10.Jun.19China iron ore imports edge
10.Jun.19China's May steel exports fall 17% on year to 5.743 mil mt, dip 9% on
10.Jun.19Government pledges to support
9.Jun.19China iron ore imports rise in May, but supply crunch
8.Jun.19Steel or the environment?
7.Jun.19ICRA Predicts Notable Recovery to Domestic Steel Consumption in Second Half This
7.Jun.19Iron ore production peaks to 10-year high in FY19, exports nosedive
7.Jun.19Steel or the environment?
7.Jun.19Expiry of mining leases will not lead to Iron Ore scarcity in
6.Jun.19EAF Route Accounts for Barely 10% of China's Total
6.Jun.19The impact of tariffs on stampers and other metal
6.Jun.19MEPS forecasts global Steel production growth to slow
6.Jun.19Steel consumption likely to grow by 5-6% this
6.Jun.19US Steel import permits declined 10.8% in May:
6.Jun.19Dalian iron ore falls on supply growth
5.Jun.19Bidders scramble to break up British Steel ahead of June 12
5.Jun.19Expiry mining leases will not lead to iron ore
5.Jun.19Nippon Steel fears potential damage from U.S.
5.Jun.19EU Steel Association Calls For Swift Solution to End Import
5.Jun.19American Steel CEOs surprised by Mexico tariffs amid USMCA
5.Jun.19China steel merger
3.Jun.19US imposes new AD duties on Stainless Steel kegs from China, Germany,
3.Jun.19Iron ore sticks to fundamentals as other commodities dance to
3.Jun.19Rescue bid for British Steel could see iconic Scunthorpe blast furnaces
3.Jun.19Chinese iron ore, coking coal prices fall as steel demand outlook
3.Jun.19The die was cast for Midland steel
3.Jun.19China's steel, raw materials weaken as demand outlook
31.May.19Breakingviews - Steel is awkward candidate for UK bailout
31.May.19Yearlong slide in steel prices
31.May.19New sanctions on non-US companies doing business in Iran's iron,
31.May.19Shanghai steel ticks down on oversupply
31.May.19Excess production capacity undermines stainless Steel
30.May.19UK steel industry on the brink
30.May.19Japan, South Korea tighten grip over Indian steel imports: government
30.May.19April Global Steel Production Rises 6.4% Year Over Year
30.May.19China's iron ore wobbles on supply concerns, higher trade
30.May.19Why Deutsche Bank Sees More Pain Coming for Major Steel
30.May.19Crude Steel Output by North American Region Surged
29.May.19African Crude Steel Output Ballooned 24% in
29.May.19Atlantic coking coal demand hit by latest ArcelorMittal, Europe steel
29.May.19Ukraine increases steel production by 12.6%, climbing to 12th position in Worldsteel rating in
29.May.19Tariffs Are ‘Paralyzing’ the Steel
29.May.19Seamless Steel Pipes Market To Reach USD 88.06 Billion By 2026| Reports And
29.May.19China's Dalian iron ore falls, snapping rally after fees
29.May.19China's iron ore rally ends as fees
29.May.19India's RINL aims to produce 6.4 MT of liquid Steel in
29.May.19Ministries spar over duties on imported
29.May.19Iron ore prices set to fall when supply pressures
29.May.19US weekly raw Steel production up 4.6%:
29.May.19What Is A Good Long-Term Price Assumption For Iron Ore?
29.May.19Steel Trade Body Reports 3% Slump in South American
29.May.19China's iron ore pulls back from record after transaction fee
29.May.19Today's Market View - Iron ore hits USD108.5 per
29.May.19Even if it all turns sour, 2019 is already a vintage year for iron
28.May.19China's iron-ore scales new peak, but rally loses
28.May.19Falling iron ore stockpiles in China latest fuel for local mining
28.May.19Steel may grow by 6%-8% in FY20 amid concerns over dumping from
28.May.19World Crude Steel Output Recorded Faster Growth of 6.4% in
28.May.19Iron ore surge boosts FTSE 100 miners, Galliford
28.May.19Finished Steel Imports to Witness 5.8% Decline in
28.May.19Miners, energy sector drives ASX
28.May.19Iran steel output rises 6% in
28.May.19Crude Steel Production Surged 10% in Asian
28.May.19Ukraine boasts steel output in April, ranks 12th in WSA's
28.May.19Now That Tariffs Are Lifted, Are These Steel Stocks Worth Buying?
28.May.19Strong iron ore prices may persist in 2019, analysts
28.May.19Steel demand likely to grow 7% this fiscal, say
27.May.19Global steel output rose 6.4 percent year-on-year in
27.May.19Iran’s April crude steel production at 2.16m tons:
27.May.19China's iron ore surges in red-hot rally on supply
27.May.19Iron ore futures hit record highs as Chinese inventories slide
27.May.19U.S. Finished Steel Imports Recorded Massive
27.May.19Japan's Crude Steel output drops 0.8% in
24.May.19ETF Of The Week: Quirky Steel
24.May.19Chinese steel futures slip on oversupply
24.May.19Crude steel production falls 0.8% in
24.May.19Indian steel market positive on election
24.May.19US steel and aluminum tariffs, Middle East oil and electric
24.May.19Forecasts for 2019 iron ore prices raised after 62% Fe fines surges above $100/
23.May.19UK Steel responds to climate change
23.May.19China Section 301 New Proposed Tariff List: Basic Steel Mill Products
23.May.19Clock ticking on efforts to find British Steel
23.May.19China’s top steelmaker plans 1st overseas
23.May.19British Steel's huge debts revealed as HC insolvency ruling
23.May.19Brazil's Vale, China's CCCC to co-invest in northern Brazil steel
23.May.19Iron ore at five-year
23.May.19Credit Suisse Sees Major Price Risks for Steel
22.May.19British Steel is the canary in the coal mine - we need to prepare now for the Brexit threat to
22.May.19British Steel collapses after failing to secure extra
22.May.19Future of British Steel on knife-edge and thousands of job under threat as Government bail-out talks
22.May.19Trump, Tariffs and China Spell Trouble for American
22.May.19British Steel to be put into administration as early as
22.May.19British Steel enters insolvency, putting thousands of jobs at
21.May.19British Steel says negotiations ongoing on its
21.May.19The surprising facts behind the declining UK steel industry
21.May.19Canada, Mexico Lifts Tariffs on US Goods after Trump Scraps
21.May.19Shanghai steel rises on prospects of downstream
21.May.19British Steel rescue loan is worst of bad
21.May.19Steel industry stares at production disruption in 2020:
16.May.19Welsh Government backs steel to become first signatory of new ‘UK Steel Charter’
16.May.19Struggling British Steel urged to 'avoid another tragedy like SSI'
16.May.19U.S. Steel Import Permits Surged
16.May.19US tariffs have lowered prices of steel and aluminum, expert says
16.May.19China's iron ore hits record high on brisk demand, stimulus
16.May.19Chinese Steel Futures Recover As Trade War Worries
15.May.19UPDATE 1-China's steel futures rebound as trade war worries
15.May.19Italian steel production likely to slow down in
15.May.19Just How Bad Are European Steel Markets?
15.May.19Mnuchin: Deal close to scrap Mexico, Canada steel
15.May.19U.S. close to resolving steel, aluminum tariffs with Canada, Mexico:
15.May.19British Steel: Three options for
14.May.19British Steel seeks further £75m loan from government to avert
14.May.19IRON ORE WEEK: Four things we learned in
14.May.19Investments worth $15 bn underway in India's Steel
14.May.19Grassley says U.S., Canada could soon resolve steel tariffs
14.May.19India fears US-China trade tensions will lead to dumping of Chinese
14.May.19US weekly raw Steel production up 6.6%:
13.May.19Canada ends Korean steel safeguard
13.May.19Five-year high in iron ore price means ‘free money’ for
13.May.19Chinese steel output rises relentlessly despite plant
13.May.19US-China trade talks end with no deal — and more
10.May.19Tariffs Hit Steel and Aluminum Over a Year Ago and They Haven’t Boosted Consumer
10.May.19Turkish steel navigates trade barriers and flagging domestic
10.May.19How US steel manufacturing is being affected by the tariff hike on
10.May.19US Iron, Steel Scrap exports fall 22% in Q1
10.May.19Markets fall for 8th straight
10.May.19China to promote capacity restructuring in steel, coal, coal-fired
9.May.19US steel sector thrives as mills move up quality
9.May.19US Steel shipments rise 7.5% in
9.May.19India may export 10-11 million tonnes iron ore pallets to China this year, say
9.May.19Iron ore prices to remain high this year: Cynthia
9.May.19China to tighten steel capacity swapping, boost domestic iron ore
9.May.19Trump imposes sanctions on Iran's Iron, Steel, Aluminium and Copper
8.May.19Turkish Ore Imports Recorded 23%
8.May.19EU steel demand outlook falls, mills reduce output
8.May.19RPT-BRIEF-Brazil's Vale says iron ore output at 72.87 mln tonnes in
8.May.19Steel giants says US, China have two days to make
8.May.19Vale iron-ore output, sales slump after deadly Brazil dam
8.May.19Turkey ends steel tariffs and cancels
7.May.19RPT-COLUMN-Iron ore tugged between Brazilian supply shock, Trump's trade war:
7.May.19Iran Steel imports: Indian industry flags concerns over predatory pricing
7.May.19US weekly Raw Steel output rises 6.6% to 1,915,000 net tons:
7.May.19Middle East Steel Production See Notable Surge in
7.May.19Latin America's finished Steel production drops 5% in Q1
7.May.19U.S. Steel Mills Capacity Utilization Topped
6.May.19Australia's coal exports to China from Gladstone surge in April
6.May.19India's Steel consumption rises 7.5% to 97.54 MT in
6.May.19China targets steel industry as latest front in its war on
6.May.19Iran annual iron ore pellet production
6.May.19Price volatility puts steel makers in a fix over viability of captive ore
6.May.19African Crude Steel Output Surged 5.7% in
3.May.19Crude Steel Output by Asian Countries Rose
3.May.19Why United States Steel Stock Popped
3.May.19Australia Iron Ore exports rebound in
3.May.19IRON ORE WEEK: Key talking points for the
2.May.19Worldwide demand for scrap steel sees sales surge 10% at Terex
2.May.19Further world Stainless Steel production records
2.May.19North American Countries Post 4% Decline in Crude Steel
1.May.19U.S. Steel Reports Its Earnings Tomorrow. Here’s What to
1.May.19Iron Ore prices may rise 11.4% on supply disruptions, China
1.May.19China's Crude Steel production up 9.9% in
1.May.19Australia iron ore exports rebound in April, but not
30.Apr.19China iron ore marks fifth monthly gain; steel rises on firm
29.Apr.19Steel supply deal marks a turning point for
29.Apr.19Global shortage of iron ore resets market:
29.Apr.19Global steel output rose 4.9 percent year-on-year in
28.Apr.19China's iron and steel association warns on over-capacity, shrinking
28.Apr.19Steel industry booming on mega
28.Apr.19Iron ore miners should take advantage of high prices and improve their credit scores:
26.Apr.19Egypt's new import tariffs cause steel market
26.Apr.19Trump's steel and car tariffs hit major legal
26.Apr.19Dalian iron ore falls for fourth day despite firm demand at
26.Apr.19Japan's Steel output slips 1.9% to 102.89 MT in
26.Apr.19Global iron ore prices to rise 11% on supply disruptions, China
26.Apr.19AISI Says U.S. Raw Steel Output Soared
25.Apr.19Dalian iron ore ticks up on firm demand at steel
25.Apr.19Pellet premium plunge but fails to replace iron ore lump on alumina
25.Apr.19Iron Ore prices may rise 11.4% on supply disruptions, China
25.Apr.19Argentine Crude Steel production falls 30.7% in
25.Apr.19Steel Exports by Japan See Sixth Straight Year of
25.Apr.19Brazil steel sector cuts output projections as economy, Vale
23.Apr.19Iron ore steadies on restocking
23.Apr.19Advanced High Strength Steel Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2018 to
23.Apr.19Iron ore rally not sustainable, analysts
23.Apr.19U.S. Scrap Iron and Steel Exports See Notable
23.Apr.19China steel, iron ore rise after Beijing flexes
22.Apr.19China's iron ore, steel futures slip on tepid
22.Apr.19Iran's Semi-Finished Steel Production Topped 19m Tons Last
22.Apr.19US raw steel production falls in latest
22.Apr.19U.S. Finished Steel Imports to Witness 2% Decline in
22.Apr.19Tokyo Steel to keep prices steady in May for fifth
21.Apr.19Chinese steel, iron ore rise after Beijing says to keep supporting
21.Apr.19Chinese steel, iron ore rise after Beijing says to keep supporting
20.Apr.19Global steel demand to continue to grow in
19.Apr.19Steel prices under
18.Apr.19Dalian iron ore heads for biggest weekly fall since
18.Apr.19Iron ore drags down steel
18.Apr.19Global steel demand continues to grow in slowing economic environment: World Steel
17.Apr.19Chinese iron ore prices fall on expected jump in
17.Apr.19RBA warning on the economy, but there’s more iron ore cash to
17.Apr.19U.S. Raw Steel Output Surged
17.Apr.19Steel demand in India expected to grow above 7% in 2019-2020 world steel
17.Apr.19Vietnam under fire in steel
17.Apr.19Global steel demand to slow in 2019, 2020 –
16.Apr.19Dalian iron ore plunges 4.7 pct as Vale set to reopen Brucutu
16.Apr.19Steel futures slip as mood
16.Apr.19Iron ore slides as BCI cashes
16.Apr.19US steel demand to slow in 2019,
16.Apr.19 How’s the Steel Industry Doing?
16.Apr.19BHP cuts iron ore production outlook, will it help boost iron-ore prices, Aussie?
16.Apr.19India's steel sector to see faster growth in 2019, says
16.Apr.19Global steel demand to rise 1.3% in 2019:
16.Apr.19Global steel demand slows as China economy falters and trade war
16.Apr.19Slowing global economy dampens steel demand yet
15.Apr.19Egypt imposes temporary duties of 15% on iron billets, 25% on steel
15.Apr.19Major Decline in India's Steel Export to US; Increase in
15.Apr.19Steel sector to have good scenario in current year and the
15.Apr.19Insight: India's strong steel demand expected to
15.Apr.19Shanghai steel steadies ahead of Q1 GDP
15.Apr.19Chinese steel futures continue to
15.Apr.19US raw steel production falls in latest
15.Apr.19Iron ore shortage after Vale disaster hurting Brazil steelmakers
15.Apr.19Iron ore price holds
14.Apr.19Iran steel products exports up 90% in
14.Apr.19Iran exports over 4m tons of crude
14.Apr.19Insight: Vietnam's steel output to hit 30 million mt/
14.Apr.19Colombia's February steel output rises 7.4% on
14.Apr.19Steel industry deserves certainty and
14.Apr.19Value of Chile's February steel stocks up 23% on
14.Apr.19Chinese steel exports remain
14.Apr.19 Weekly iron ore wrap: Seaborne iron ore prices driven
14.Apr.19Scrap-iron ore spread at two-year low on iron ore
14.Apr.19Iron ore sustains Chinese producer
14.Apr.19Iron ore hits five-year
13.Apr.19India shifts to net steel importer in 2018-19, first time in three
13.Apr.19Why Steel Makers Are Worried That Tariffs Could
13.Apr.19Divergence Between Iron Ore And Steel - Is X A Buy Despite Analyst Downgrades?
12.Apr.19China's iron ore imports rise in March as steel output curbs
12.Apr.19How U.S. Steel Is Looking to the
12.Apr.19Iron ore spot prices approach 5-year
12.Apr.19China's iron ore climbs, posts 3rd weekly gain as demand
11.Apr.19U.S. Steel Stock Is Falling Because Analysts Keep Hammering
11.Apr.19China's steel, iron ore futures subdued after recent
11.Apr.19China's steel, iron ore resume gains on firm
11.Apr.19Indian iron-ore production peaks, but imports continue to
10.Apr.19Steel and iron ore flatten on lower
10.Apr.19China's iron ore futures pause after 7 sessions of
9.Apr.19BHP Group: Surfing On The Iron Ore
9.Apr.19Troubles Mount for US Steel as Credit Suisse Says ‘Sell’
9.Apr.19Iron ore miners surge as price at two-year
9.Apr.19Clarification on MB 65% Fe Iron Ore Value-In-Use
9.Apr.19U.S. Raw Steel Production Surged
9.Apr.19China's rebar hits fresh 7-1/2-yr peak, iron ore sizzles in 7-day

Local TimeIron (Fe) ExchangesRecent PriceUnitsYtD%31.Dec.2018
Trading LiveDalian Commodity Exchange749.5¥ RMB / 100 Tonne49.5%501.5DCE
CME Globex 62% Fe97.31$ USD / 500 tons31.0%74.30CME
27.May.19Iron Ore 62% Fe106.00$ USD / Tonne25.0%74.30Trading Economics
27.May.19Australia 61.5% FOB93.85$ USD / Tonne18.9%70.00Shanghai Metals Market
27.May.19Brazil 65% FOB100.03$ USD / Tonne17.0%75.20Shanghai Metals Market
27.May.19India 63.5% FOB88.60$ USD / Tonne19.2%63.90Shanghai Metals Market
Steel Rebar
Shanghai Futures Exchange3,562$ USD / kg.11.3%3,200SHFE
27.May.19Thermal Coal80.80$ USD / Ton0.0%80.80Trading Economics

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