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Two words that will send gold prices higher: debt monetization – ForexLive

How Much Debt Is Too Much: Signs You Have Too Much Credit Card DebtCentral banks have one main role in society: control the amount of money floating in the system. However, according to Adam Button, chief currency strategist at, they are abdicating that role.

Last weekend Adrian Orr, Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand made only small ripples in financial markets when he said that he was open-minded about monetizing his nation’s debt last week.

Button said that he was haunted by those comments during the weekend as this could be the start to global currency debasement.

“The game kind of continues to go on. That really might be the story of the next 10 or 20 years: how far we can go down this road of monetary financing. If you lower the level of the currency, everything else kind of rises relatively,” he said. “You can play this game with yourself that your wealth really isn’t being eroded.”

Button said that the one asset that will shine in this environment is gold. He noted that although gold prices have had a nice run so far this year, investors still haven’t bought into the currency debasement trade. However, he added it won’t take much to bring investors back to the market on mass.

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