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16.May.19Gold Bulls Look Ready For A Technical
16.May.19This Indicator Suggests It May Pay To Favor Gold Over Equities Going
16.May.19Gold, Silver Getting Ready To
16.May.19Gold’s slide gathers steam after upbeat U.S. economic
16.May.19COLUMN: Commodities for the Trump-China trade war: Gold for
16.May.19Gold Ratio Charts Offer The Keys to the Bull
15.May.19Central Banks Are Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Six Years
15.May.19Our Long-Anticipated Gold Momentum Rally Begins
15.May.19Expecting Gold To Remain Range Bound
15.May.19Russia boosting gold & dumping dollar from foreign currency reserves
15.May.19In depth look at the Gold breakout, Can silver follow?
15.May.19Crazy Not! Much Higher Gold
14.May.19Gold And Silver Could Be Setting Up For A Big
14.May.19Gold Pops On Monday - Real Or Dead-Cat Bounce?
14.May.19Gold’s Corrective Low Could Be In
14.May.19Markets steadier after Trump’s comments; gold eases from
14.May.19Gold Bulls Look Too Aggressive After Chinese Retaliatory
14.May.19Gold Tops $1,300/oz As Trade Wars Escalate and Increased Risk of U.S. War With
13.May.19Gold Rallies As Global Stock Markets Sink Amid China Trade
13.May.19Gold Surges Back Above $1300 On Huge Volume As Trade Tensions Escalate
13.May.19Gold falls as US-China trade stand-off weighs on
13.May.19Chart Posture Quickly Brightens For
13.May.19Gold price edges higher again to $
13.May.19Stop Wishing For Higher Gold Prices And Face The Reality - Fund
10.May.19Gold Flat; Let The Trade Wars
10.May.19Gold Needs To Close Above $
10.May.19Gold Still Trading in a Tight Range During Equity
10.May.19Gold’s message to investors: Sell in March and buy in
10.May.19Gold extends upside run, heads for slim weekly gain as trade battle
10.May.19PRECIOUS-Gold holds gains as U.S. hikes tariff on Chinese
9.May.19Gold price forecast: Sellers defend bearish channel with shooting
9.May.19Total Debt and Leveraged Loans to the Rescue of Gold Bulls?
9.May.19https://mineralprices.comPRECIOUS-Gold prices hold firm ahead of U.S.-China trade talks/clink/may-9-2019-3/
9.May.19Gold Prices Relatively Unchanged Following Muted PPI Inflation
9.May.19Gold Prices Push To Daily Highs Amid U.S. Stock Market
9.May.19Moves In Gold And Silver Will Be 1970s On
8.May.19Gold is 'very attractive' in the current
8.May.19Gold Analysis: Surges on
8.May.19Gold Loses Some Altitude Following Upbeat Trump Tweet On U.S.-China
8.May.19Gold Prices Fighting To Hold $1,
8.May.19Gold reaches 1-week peak as trade worries dent risk
8.May.19Pound Pummelled, Gold Rallies & Equities
7.May.19Massive Asset Bubbles And Cheap Gold And
7.May.19Gold Getting Ready To Make
7.May.19Gold’s Current Price Doesn’t Add Up – Fund Manager
7.May.19Markets, US/China trade, Gold,
7.May.19India's gold imports likely jumped ahead of Akshaya Tritiya
7.May.19We're Betting Against The Street On Gold - Sprott
6.May.19Gold Bulls Perplexed Safe-Haven Metal Can't Catch Bid On Global Equities Sell
6.May.19Why the World's Central Banks Are Going Gaga Over
6.May.19Gold’s Weakness Is More Than Just U.S. Dollar Strength – BK Asset
6.May.19Gold Analysis: Breaks
6.May.19Equities Crushed; Gold Rally Not Very
6.May.19Gold Prices Weaker; No Safe-Haven Support As Geopolitics Heat
3.May.19Gold Prices Higher Despite Strong U.S. Jobs
3.May.19Central Bank Buyers Could Prop up Gold
3.May.19Gold Treads Deeper Into Bear
3.May.19Gold Gains, Bulls Benefit As Traders Sell Rumor, Buy Fact On Jobs
3.May.19Gold Prices Push Higher Following Disappointing ISM Service-Sector
3.May.19Gold bounces off 2019 low, but on track for 5th weekly loss in 6 weeks
2.May.19Gold Elliott wave analysis: price heads toward 1260 post
2.May.19Gold Bulls Look Nervous; Should Oil Bulls Be Worried?
2.May.19Australia could face gold shortage by
2.May.19CME Group: April Metals Volume Falls 23% From Year
2.May.19Gold poised for gains as global markets brace for turmoil - Reuters
1.May.19Tracking Down IRA Basis: A Gold Mine for
1.May.19RBC's Gero: Gold Modestly Softer While Awaiting
1.May.19Bitcoin tycoon Silbert kicks off ad campaign against ‘overpriced metal’
1.May.19Gold And Silver's Trouble With
1.May.19Gold bounces at HFT Buy Zone!
1.May.19 Gold edges down on equity upturn; markets await Fed
30.Apr.19U.S. GDP Accelerates, while Socialists Triumph in Spain, Will Gold also Win?
30.Apr.19China's Gold Imports From Hong Kong Down From Year
30.Apr.19FOMC & Jobs Report: Are Gold Investors Prepared?
30.Apr.19Moody's announces completion of a periodic review of ratings of China National Gold Group
30.Apr.19Gold To Surge To 6-Year Highs As S&P 500 Plummets By Year-End - Capital
30.Apr.19Gold Prices Gain on Weak China PMI
29.Apr.19Gold retreats from 1-week peak amid Fed rate cut
29.Apr.19Gold Still Softer As U.S. March Personal Spending Rises 0.9%; Core PCE Index
29.Apr.19Gold Inches Lower After Upbeat Consumer Spending
29.Apr.19BMO: Exchange-Traded-Fund Gold Holdings
29.Apr.19Oil Falls After Trump Presses OPEC, Gold
29.Apr.19Gold – Pivotal Week As Bulls Fight
28.Apr.19Gold and Silver End of Week Technical, CoT and Fundamental
28.Apr.19Are Stocks About To Drop, With Gold About To Rally?
28.Apr.19Put Gold In Your Bag, Man, But Let Silver Sag, Says
28.Apr.19Biz China Weekly: Industrial profit, NEV output and gold
28.Apr.19Russia's Central Bank Chief: Love Of Gold Stems From Need To
27.Apr.19Why does Romania want to bring back its foreign gold?
27.Apr.19India follows Russia & China by boosting bullion
26.Apr.19Does the current weakness in the gold price represent a buying opportunity?
26.Apr.19Goldman Favors Gold Over Silver, Palladium Over
26.Apr.19Gold And Silver Investors Be Prepared For Possible Summer
26.Apr.19Would Stephen Moore At The Fed Make Gold Great Again?
26.Apr.19This Analyst "Definitely Sees A Summer Buying Opportunity"For Gold And
26.Apr.19Gold Prices Rally On Short Covering, Weaker U.S. Dollar,
26.Apr.19Will Fed’s New Balance Sheet Policy be a Reason to Buy Gold?
26.Apr.19Gold rallies to score first weekly gain amid growth
26.Apr.19Gold price forecast - Will the bullish momentum continue?
26.Apr.19Gold Prices May Have
26.Apr.19Commerzbank: China Relying On Imports To Meet Gold
25.Apr.19China Holds The Gold…And Will Make The
25.Apr.19Gold Stocks: Chart Under Extreme Pressure, Big Move
25.Apr.193 Reasons Why Gold Will Outperform Equities And
25.Apr.19Gold Prices Push To Daily Highs As U.S. Stocks Selling
25.Apr.19Gold Price Challenges Resistance at Prior Support as USD Bulls
25.Apr.19Will Stephen Moore Make Gold Great Again?
24.Apr.19SPX, Gold, GDX Technicals:
24.Apr.19 World’s Central Banks Want More Gold – India May Buy 1.5M Ounces In
24.Apr.19U.S. Gold Exports Declined 25% Through
24.Apr.19Gold Prices Slip on Strong Earning Reports and U.S. Housing
24.Apr.19Gold presents opportunities while the US dollar has run out of
24.Apr.19US-Sino trade deal hopes boost gold to 2-week high
23.Apr.19Gold: A Huge Relief Rally Is
23.Apr.19Gold moves lower but bouncing a little. Dollar rise helps push the precious metal
23.Apr.19Gold Bounces Off Key Technical Level, Erases Earlier
23.Apr.19Gold Price Outlook: Gold Prices Break Down to Fresh 2019
23.Apr.19Gold Market Struggles Set To
23.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Pressured To 4-Mo. Lows By Strong U.S.
22.Apr.19Gold recovers from 4-month low, tracks oil price
22.Apr.19Ratio of small-caps and gold shows that stock-market fortitude trumps
22.Apr.19Compressed Range And Equal Lows Indicate Possible Bottom In
22.Apr.19Russia's 2019 Gold Shopping Spree: Another 600,000 Ounces Added In
22.Apr.19Mexico's gold exports
22.Apr.19Gold, Silver Markets Tread Water, Awaiting New
22.Apr.19The Hunger for Muni Bonds (And Gold!) Is
21.Apr.19Gold Needs More Time Before It Breaks To The
21.Apr.19Gold Southbound,
21.Apr.19Gold merits a seat in larger investment
21.Apr.19Gold Is Testing A Key Level As Commodities Stall And The Dollar Hits A New
21.Apr.19A Quick Update On
21.Apr.19Silver Gold Ratio Hit A 25-Year High Last
21.Apr.19Gold Vs. Dollar Combo Chart: Now Is Not The Time To Be
21.Apr.19Gold Has More Upside Than Downside
21.Apr.19Will Aggressive Equity Bears Encourage Gold Bulls?
21.Apr.19Gold Speculators Sharply Pared Bullish
20.Apr.19Gold loses
20.Apr.19India's love for gold stagnates; it's time to take cue from
20.Apr.19Gold Stocks: Oversold…But No Buy
20.Apr.193 Gold Stocks to Watch Ahead of
20.Apr.19Stock Market Euphoria Stunts
20.Apr.19Why Gold Has Been the Second Best Asset Class For The Last 20
19.Apr.19Stocks Are Shining, So Sell Gold ETFs, This Analyst
19.Apr.19Gold's moment will come in
19.Apr.19Washington State Politicians Drop Cynical Attempt to Impose Taxes on Gold &
19.Apr.19Gold: The Ultimate Tool For Wealth Preservation, According To Best-Selling
19.Apr.19Gold Price Forecast: Eyes 8-month rising trendline after weakest weekly close since
19.Apr.19Gold Analysis: Signals a
19.Apr.19Why you need to own
19.Apr.19Low Volatility Is Not Sustainable And Should Support Higher Gold Prices - Bloomberg
19.Apr.19Why Gold Could Rise for Next 10 Years Read Newsmax: Bert Dohmen: Why Gold Could Rise for Next 10
19.Apr.19 Gold’s Cup And Handle
18.Apr.19Improving China Sentiment Is Hurting
18.Apr.19 Advertisement: 8 Once Wall Street realizes Fed's staying on hold, Standard
18.Apr.19 Understanding Gold: A Step By Step Guide To Gold As An Asset
18.Apr.19Gold futures end at lowest since December, down 1.5% for the
18.Apr.19Asia Gold-China premiums bounce to 2-year highs as prices dip, yuan
18.Apr.19 Holter: Gold & Silver "Will Survive The Whole System Burning Down"
18.Apr.19Commerzbank: Central Banks Still Accumulating
18.Apr.19Gold Price Forecast Bearish as Price Holds Below Triangle
18.Apr.19Why Gold Could Rise For The Next 10
18.Apr.19The Notre Dame Fire: Lessons for Gold
17.Apr.19Mayday: The Gold Juggernaut Is Seriously Taking On
17.Apr.19Gold To Peak At $1,400 On Risk Aversion By Year-End
17.Apr.19Gold Below 100-Day Average, Could Dip Some
17.Apr.19Gold Price Chart Points to Losses After Major Top is
17.Apr.19Gold hovers near 4M trough; China figures boost risk
16.Apr.19Gold Prices Inch Up; Fed’s Stance on Rates Could Push Prices Up, Analyst
16.Apr.19Gold near 4-month low as stocks, dollar
16.Apr.19Pattern Replication In The Gold
16.Apr.19Gold holds near four-month low as China data lifts riskier
16.Apr.19Gold falls 1% to 2019 low as equities
16.Apr.19Gold Prices Fighting To Hold $1,280Major Chart Damage Created On Today's Sell-Off In
15.Apr.19MKS: Gold Prices Slip On Long
15.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Down Amid Little Risk
15.Apr.19Gold edges lower as investors turn away from haven
15.Apr.19Gold Faces Challenge As 'Risk-On'
15.Apr.19Understanding Gold: A step by step guide to gold as an asset
15.Apr.19Equity Bears Will Encourage Gold Bulls To Bounce
12.Apr.19Gold Price Gets
12.Apr.19Preparing For Gold As Currencies
12.Apr.19Gold Stock Consolidation Continues in a Tight
12.Apr.19Gold Looks Ready To
12.Apr.19Asia Gold: Indian buyers stock up for weddings; China demand
12.Apr.19Eureka Miner’s Report: High Gold-Silver Ratio
11.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Sharply Down On Rebound In USDX, Technical
11.Apr.19Gold Prices Under Pressure As Producer Inflation Rises 0.6% In
11.Apr.19Signs Of Life In
11.Apr.19The Gold Market Right After Super
11.Apr.19Gold Slumps With Dollar Climbing After Upbeat Economic
11.Apr.19Gold prices post April’s largest 1-day drop and lowest
10.Apr.19Gold & Basel 3: A Revolution That Once Again No One
10.Apr.19Gold Prices Cling To 2-Week High Ahead Of U.S. Inflation Data, Fed
10.Apr.19In The Event Of A Fiat Currency Collapse Would Gold Rocket?
10.Apr.19AGP trims PT after production woes at Gold
10.Apr.19Gold: Moderately optimistic view -
10.Apr.19Gold refiners to get dedicated LBMA committee after
9.Apr.19Gold rises Tuesday as dollar declines after soft US
9.Apr.19Commodities - Gold Advances Again After IMF Growth
9.Apr.19Gold Price Technical Outlook: GLD Rallies from Key Chart
9.Apr.19Weighing up the value of gold and silver as separate asset
9.Apr.19 Gold: Upside signals –
9.Apr.19Gold Extends Gains Amid Weaker Dollar, Higher Oil

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16.May.19Silver Getting Ready To
16.May.1915th May, 2019: Scrap Gold and Silver Prices Soared, Platinum Dropped on
16.May.19Gold Can't Hold $1,300; Silver On Death
16.May.19Silver Outlook with Chart Levels and Lines to
16.May.19Silver markets continue to test
16.May.19Silver Weekly: Industrial Demand And Its Implications For
15.May.1914th May, 2019: Silver Declined on
15.May.19How An "Explosion" Of The Silver Price Could Take
15.May.19Silver spot ($) Intraday: The bias remains
15.May.19Silver Price Taking A Snooze Ahead Of Breakout?
15.May.19The Silver/Gold Ratio Is Approaching A Record
15.May.19Getting Ready For The Bank Of Mexico
14.May.19Silver spot ($) Intraday: The bias remains
14.May.19Silver Could Be Setting Up For A Big Move
14.May.19Technical Analysis: Silver against the Mexican
14.May.19Silver Price Forecast – Silver markets
14.May.19'Struggling' Silver Prices Lag $1300 Gold as Trade Tariffs Hit Solar Industry in China and
14.May.19Silver futures fall 0.1% to Rs 37,613 per
13.May.19Silver futures dip 0.21 pc to Rs 37,274 per
13.May.19Silver Speculators Lowered Bets Into Bearish Territory
13.May.19Silver Weekly: Underperformance Likely To Continue On Weak Fundamental
13.May.19Finally, Silver Prices May Have Bottomed, But What Happens Next?
13.May.19Silver Prices Stabilizing; BoAML Looks For Prices To End 8% Higher In
13.May.1910th May, 2019: Scrap Gold Prices Surge, Platinum and Silver Shrink on
10.May.19Gold prices remain flat; silver gains Rs 380 on increased
10.May.199th May, 2019: Scrap Gold and Silver Prices Soared, Platinum Dropped on
10.May.19Silver Spot ($) Intraday: Target
10.May.19Gold, silver prices down in
9.May.19Moves In Gold And Silver Will Be 1970s On
9.May.198th May, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Soared on
8.May.19Weekly Silver Chart Reveals Elements Favorable to Both Bulls and
8.May.19Silver Spot ($) Intraday: Bullish bias above
8.May.19Silver Weekly: Underperformance Likely To Continue On Weak Fundamental
8.May.197th May, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Unmoved on
8.May.19Finally, Silver Prices May Have Bottomed, But What Happens Next?
7.May.19Gold and silver prices up in
7.May.19Silver futures fall Rs 118 to Rs 37,273 per
7.May.19Silver Speculators Edged Bets Into Small Bullish Position
7.May.19Gold, silver prices in check
7.May.19Gold, Silver Prices Down As Greenback
7.May.196th May, 2019: Scrap Gold Prices Surge, Platinum and Silver Shrink on
6.May.19INTL FCStone: Gold, Silver To 'Continue To Flounder In May'
6.May.19Gold, silver prices in check
6.May.19Silver Speculators Edged Bets Into Small Bullish Position
6.May.19Silver futures fall Rs 118 to Rs 37,273 per
6.May.193rd May, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Declined on
3.May.19India cuts base import price of Gold,
3.May.19Scrap Gold Prices Surged, Platinum and Silver Dropped on
3.May.19Gold, silver, platinum prices down in
3.May.19Gold, silver down in morning trade
2.May.191st May, 2019: Scrap Gold and Silver Prices Surged on Index, Platinum
2.May.19Silver Slides To Its Lowest Level This Year
2.May.19Gold falls Rs 250; silver plunges by Rs
2.May.19Silver Analysis: Support at 14.57/14.46, resistance at 14.70/14.90 [Video]
2.May.193 Silver Stocks Under $
2.May.19Minaurum optimistic about Alamos silver project in
1.May.19Here's Why Silver Has Been
1.May.19Gold slides on sluggish demand, silver firms
1.May.19Silver Capped by a negative trend
30.Apr.19Silver Market Alert: Powerful Bullish Setup Takes
30.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Bounce As U.S. Dollar Pulls
29.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Down Ahead Of Busy Trading
29.Apr.19Funds Increase Net-Bearish Positioning In Gold,
28.Apr.19 "This Is Bigger Than Gold & Silver Manipulation" - GATA
28.Apr.19Silver Speculators Lower Bets To New Bearish
25.Apr.19Gold, Silver Bulls Showing Some Resilience In Face Of Negative
25.Apr.19Little change in gold,
24.Apr.19University research shows global silver price rises with solar panel
24.Apr.19World Bank Positive On Gold, Cools On Silver Prices For
23.Apr.19CPM: Silver set for 2019
23.Apr.19Why the Price of Silver May Have Found the
22.Apr.19Silver: It Did Not Follow Gold Higher But Will It Follow It Lower?
21.Apr.19Silver Speculators Pulled Back Bullish
21.Apr.19Experts say increased demand for solar panels causes spike in silver
19.Apr.19Silver Plays A Small But Vital Role In Every
18.Apr.19Silver Investment Demand Surged Higher Than Industry
18.Apr.19US Silver Scrap prices gain in line with COMEX
18.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Near Steady After Upbeat U.S. Data
18.Apr.19Silver futures up 0.35 per cent in thin
17.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Firmer; Bulls Try To Stop The
17.Apr.19The Gold-Silver Ratio Continues To Rise - Precious Metals Supply And
17.Apr.19Solar panel demand causing spike in worldwide silver
17.Apr.19Gold, Silver Bulls Work To Stabilize Prices Amid
16.Apr.19Can positive sentiment continue as US earnings take hold?
16.Apr.19Rallies In Equities Continue To Punish Gold, Silver
16.Apr.19Is it Time For Silver For Rally?
16.Apr.19Gold Pounded To 4-Mo. Low, Bears Gain More Technical
15.Apr.19Silver Bear Market Faces Big Price Support
15.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Down Amid Little Risk
14.Apr.19CFTC Commitments of Traders – Trades Bet Higher Prices in Crude Oil, Gold and
12.Apr.19Sprott Physical Silver Trust: The Best Silver Bullion Fund On The
12.Apr.19Silver consumption at three-year
12.Apr.19Silver Demand Hit 3-Year High In 2018 As Supply
12.Apr.19Silver futures up 0.66% on positive global
12.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Posting Rebounds As USDX Sells
12.Apr.19Gold Has Been Rallying. Now It’s Silver’s
12.Apr.19Market crisis on cards? A high gold-to-silver price ratio suggests
12.Apr.19Silver Trades Either Side Of $15 - Is USAS A Penny Stock Or Will It Surprise On The Upside?
11.Apr.19Cobalt, uranium and silver prices expected to rally in
11.Apr.19Silver Demand Hit A 3-Year High In 2018 - World Silver
11.Apr.19Gold and Silver Still on the Road to a Low Risk
11.Apr.19Indian demand surge drives silver consumption to three-year
11.Apr.19The First Quarter Numbers For Gold, Silver, Platinum And
11.Apr.19US Silver Scrap prices advance in line with COMEX
11.Apr.19Silver April 11
10.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Weaker As FOMC Minutes On
10.Apr.19Silver spot ($) Intraday: Break of a ST rising trendline
10.Apr.19First Majestic Silver Continues Its Nerve-Wracking Breakout
9.Apr.19Silver topped just below our selling opportunity at 1532/35 with stops above
9.Apr.19US Scrap Silver prices gain in line with COMEX
9.Apr.19Gold, Silver Prices Gain Amid Some Risk
8.Apr.19Gold crosses Rs 33,000-mark, silver firms
8.Apr.19Gold And Silver Daily Forecast For April 8,
8.Apr.19Silver Sits And Contemplates The Next

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