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Platinum Group Metals

16.May.19Global Platinum and Palladium Carbon Catalyst Market
16.May.19Platinum Demand Surges in First
16.May.1915th May, 2019: Platinum Dropped on
16.May.19Revenues To Be Witnessed By Palladium silver target Market by 2019 –
15.May.1914th May, 2019: Platinum Prices
15.May.19Platinum - Why I Favor PLTM Over
15.May.19Zimbabwe platinum mines to ride out power cuts, gold output less
15.May.19Platinum Demand Surges in First
14.May.19Metals Commentary: Palladium to outshine platinum in 2019, says Metals
14.May.19JM sees platinum deficit in 2019
14.May.19Platinum Week-Platinum Surplus For 2019 Slashed After Jump In
14.May.19Short Covering Reignites Palladium ETF Rally
13.May.19PLATINUM WEEK-Oversupply looms over investor bets on platinum
13.May.1910th May, 2019: Scrap Gold Prices Surge, Platinum and Silver Shrink on
13.May.19Palladium's price gap over platinum needs to
10.May.199th May, 2019: Scrap Gold and Silver Prices Soared, Platinum Dropped on
10.May.19Gold Wins Back Top Spot from Palladium
9.May.198th May, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Soared on
8.May.197th May, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Unmoved on
7.May.196th May, 2019: Scrap Gold Prices Surge, Platinum and Silver Shrink on
7.May.19Palladium Review: Young Upside Alignment
7.May.19Transition Metals optimistic after running MT survey at platinum-palladium project in
6.May.19Palladium Review: Young Upside Alignment
6.May.19India's Platinum Demand Sparkles for
6.May.19Gold, silver, platinum prices down in
6.May.193rd May, 2019: Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Prices Declined on
3.May.19Base metals give ground as manufacturing clouds
3.May.19Comex copper price rebounds in final session
3.May.19Copper recovers from 2-1/2-month low; Tesla sees shortage of copper,
2.May.19Most metals rebound from fund selling as trade talks
2.May.19Palladium's record breaking rally to fade next
2.May.191st May, 2019: Scrap Gold and Silver Prices Surged on Index, Platinum
1.May.19Copper prices supported by progress in U.S.-China trade
1.May.19Copper to creep higher in coming months as China
1.May.19Comex copper tumbles ahead of Fed
1.May.19AS EASY AS ETF - Adding physical platinum is straightforward with a platinum ETF'
1.May.19WPIC : Steady bar & coin demand underpins rocketing
1.May.19Will Platinum Be The Precious Metal Leader?
1.May.19Platinum, Palladium Prices Pounded Wednesday On Bearish Chart
30.Apr.19Copper prices rise despite weak Chinese factory
30.Apr.19Copper Price Outlook: Support Holds as USD Drop Offsets Chinese PMI
30.Apr.19Nickel prices drag down Synalloy
30.Apr.19Rusal cuts aluminum output to 928,000 tonnes in first quarter of
30.Apr.19Rhodium Market Size &
30.Apr.19Goldman Suddenly Goes Cold On
30.Apr.19PLATINUM PERSPECTIVES Healthy PGM picture benefits
30.Apr.19Palladium sees its largest price drop in 2
30.Apr.19Platinum And Gold Are Valuable. Palladium Is More So. Here's
30.Apr.19Palladium price slumps seven
30.Apr.19Palladium sees wildest price swings since 2015 as investors
30.Apr.19Report: Opportunities within Platinum Group Metals - Projections Moving into
29.Apr.19Copper’s Slide Signals Caution About Chinese
29.Apr.19Expected halt in Chinese copper scrap imports stretches Apr discount to widest in 3
29.Apr.19World Copper Mine Production In January Holds
29.Apr.19Access World lists 25 new LME-warehouses; market expects large aluminium
29.Apr.19Aluminium billet import premiums for Aluar material hit $460-490/t in Brazil during Q1metalbulletin.com
29.Apr.19Palladium Prices Pounded Down By More Than $85.00 On Technical
29.Apr.19Gold Dips Awaiting Fed; Palladium
28.Apr.19Treasury will back down on controversial plan to axe UK’s copper
28.Apr.19Copper Speculators Reduced Bullish
28.Apr.19Palladium Demand Won't Let Up - Matt
27.Apr.19Iran's Copper Production Tops 1.1 Million
26.Apr.19Copper rises as dollar comes off highs, trade talks
26.Apr.19Goldman Favors Gold Over Silver, Palladium Over
25.Apr.19Jewellery gives platinum biggest bang for marketing buck by
24.Apr.19Investing Drives 'Remarkable Run' in 'Oversold'
24.Apr.19Platinum, palladium changing lanes
24.Apr.19Signs Of Life In
23.Apr.19Citibank says US and China will nail deal, aiding
23.Apr.19Johnson Matthey weak as Belgium’s Umicore warns on cheap cobalt
21.Apr.19Palladium Bears Remain in
20.Apr.19TDS constructive on Platinum but offers
18.Apr.19Supply And Demand Outlook Favors Palladium Vs.
17.Apr.19Palladium Supply/Demand Fundamentals Remain 'Robust': Metals
17.Apr.19Platinum stocks seen to hold more value in coming
17.Apr.19Zimbabwe attracts two new investors to develop platinum mining
16.Apr.19Gold and platinum up in March
16.Apr.19An Option For Buyers Of Palladium And, Perhaps, A Leveraged ETF
15.Apr.19Platinum near longtime highs; ETF demand
14.Apr.19Palladium, Darling Of The PGEs, Is Shifting Into High
12.Apr.19Platinum edges out of the doldrums at last as labour threat
12.Apr.19Today's Market View - Platinum finds new investor
12.Apr.19Five charts show platinum markets coming to
12.Apr.19Global Precious MMI: Subindex Cools On Palladium, Platinum Price
11.Apr.19Role Reversal For
11.Apr.19Palladium ( $PA_F) Forecasting The
11.Apr.19Palladium’s golden
10.Apr.19Nothing But Sunny Skies For Platinum Group
10.Apr.19Palladium price: could the bubble have popped for good?
9.Apr.19Platinum demand investment reaps reward –
9.Apr.19South African platinum industry needs continuing
9.Apr.19Govt Discovers High Quality Platinum Mineral in
8.Apr.19Platinum ETF holdings surge, but price to remain
8.Apr.19Platinum is now cheaper than gold because people aren't buying enough
8.Apr.19Why the Platinum Asset Management share price fell 4%

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Platinum (Pt) Exchanges

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Platinum Group MetalsRecent PriceUnitsYtD%31.Dec.2018
02.Feb.19Iridium (Ir)1460.0$ USD / oz.0.0%1460.0InfoMine
02.Feb.19Iridium (Ir)1480.0$ USD / oz.0.0%1480.0Johnson Matthey Inc.
02.Feb.19Osmium (Os)400.0$ USD / oz.0.0%400.0Sharps Pixley Ltd.
02.Feb.19Rhenium (Re)1290.0$ USD / lb.0.0%1290.0Sharps Pixley Ltd.
02.Feb.19Rhodium (Rh)2515.0$ USD / oz.0.0%2515.0Sharps Pixley Ltd.
02.Feb.19Rhodium (Rh)2475.7$ USD / oz.2460.0Johnson Matthey Inc.
02.Feb.19Ruthenium (Ru)275.0$ USD / oz.0.0%275.0Sharps Pixley Ltd.
02.Feb.19Ruthenium (Ru)270.0$ USD / oz.270.0Johnson Matthey Inc.

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