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Rare Earth Metals News

 Rare Earth Metal News
18.Jun.19Trade War may spark rare earth
17.Jun.19China To Roll Out New Rare Earth Policy As Soon As G-20
17.Jun.19China strongly opposes using rare earth resources against its
17.Jun.19China to tame illegal rare-earth exports, mulls tracking
17.Jun.19China’s Rare Earth Resources in the Hands of a Few Corrupt
17.Jun.19China’s rare earth stocks are investors’ new hedge against trade war
16.Jun.19U.S. military firms likely to face China rare earth restrictions - Global
15.Jun.19How China's control of rare earth minerals threatens the
15.Jun.19Aussie rare earth miners pushing development
15.Jun.19China starts work on vast new rare earth
14.Jun.19China's Rare Earth
14.Jun.19Australian rare earth miners push development deals to counter China
12.Jun.19China counts its rare earth blessings as ban speculation
11.Jun.19What Does China's Monopoly On Rare Earth Metals Mean for U.S. Tech Firms?
11.Jun.19China kicks off national survey of rare earth resources amid threats of supply
11.Jun.19Restrict exports of rare-earth magnet to US:
11.Jun.19China Minmetals Rare Earth starts new mining project in
11.Jun.19China launches survey of rare earth resources -
11.Jun.19Rare-earth exports fall 16% in
11.Jun.19China's Rare Earth Monopoly Is
11.Jun.19Pentagon eyes rare earth supplies in Africa amid China
10.Jun.19Chinese Exports of Rare Earth Minerals Drop Like a Rock Amid Escalating Trade War With
10.Jun.19Greenland shines brightly in the rare earth
9.Jun.19China Could Restrict Export of Crucial Rare-Earth Elements as The Trade-War
8.Jun.19Rare Earth Elements: Global Reserves and
7.Jun.19Pentagon eyes rare-earth supplies in Africa in push away from
7.Jun.19China To Closely Monitor Rare Earth Industry As Trade War
7.Jun.19Can China Hold The U.S. Hostage With Rare Earth Metals?
7.Jun.19'Extremely keen' to invest in rare earth mining, Polymetal CEO
7.Jun.19Discussing the 'complex' process of rare earth
6.Jun.19Let’s Talk Rare Earths, Is A Battle Coming?
6.Jun.19Trade war battlefield: US desperately searches for rare earth
6.Jun.19Mkango ships rare earth 'samples' from Phalombe to Australia for
6.Jun.19US warns China halt to rare earths could cause ‘significant shocks’
6.Jun.19US DOC sets out strategy for crucial
6.Jun.19US Seeks to Ensure Rare Earth Supplies From Africa in Shift Away From
5.Jun.19Why Tiny Magnets Could Be China's Destructive New Trade-War
5.Jun.19US Seeks Cooperation from Allies against China's Threat over Rare
5.Jun.19Chinese rare-earth producers urge govt to strengthen export management
5.Jun.19US to ensure rare-earth supply amid trade war with
5.Jun.19US moves to reduce reliance on Chinese rare earths exports after Beijing threatens to cut
5.Jun.19China's Threats to Ban Rare Earth Exports Build
3.Jun.19Why China’s rare earths threat is no game changer in the trade
3.Jun.19The dirty truth about China's rare earth
3.Jun.19Rare earth company Neo flies under the radar amid U.S.-China
3.Jun.19Russia eyes rare earths market amid trade war
3.Jun.19Why Rare Earth Minerals Are Key to the US-China Trade Conflict
3.Jun.19Another twist in the U.S.-China battle over rare
31.May.19Rare Earth Metals and
31.May.19China has a rare earths plan ready to go if trade war
31.May.19China Trade Fight Raises Specter of Rare-Earth
31.May.19ETF Of The Week: Rare Earth Trade War
31.May.19Rare Earths at the fore as US/China trade spat
30.May.19Should Investors Get Excited About Rare Earth Metals?
30.May.19Rare earth rhetoric boosts
30.May.19China Weighs Rare Earth Export Ban As Trade War Tensions
30.May.19Chart Of The Day: How To Profit From China’s Rare Earth Minerals Export
30.May.19China makes rare earth
30.May.19Chinese Media Suggest Rare Earth Embargo on US Amid Trade
30.May.19If we can’t challenge China, no one can, warns operator of only US mine for rare earth
30.May.19Rare earth minerals, explained: What’s their role in the US-China trade war?
30.May.19Apple, Tesla, Raytheon Seen Taking Hit On Rare Earth
30.May.19Rare Earth Metals: the Latest Weapon in the US-China Trade
30.May.19Today's Market View - Chinese rare earth rivals still lacking
30.May.19Trade Worries Over Rare-Earths Are
30.May.19China considering cutting off rare earth
30.May.19China To Suspend Rare Earth Minerals To The
30.May.19China willing to meet reasonable rare earth demand from other
30.May.19Companies Like Apple That Depend on Rare Earth Metals Have Nowhere to
30.May.19As trade battle escalates, Chinese newspaper to US: 'Don't say we didn't warn you'
30.May.19Rare Earth Stocks Give Abundant Returns as Investors Pile In
30.May.19China's rare earth supplies could be vital bargaining chip in U.S. trade
30.May.19European markets
29.May.19Ray Dalio warns China restricting rare earth metals would be ‘major escalation’ of trade
29.May.19Eyeing China, Pentagon sends report on rare earth minerals to
29.May.19Rare earth shares soar amid threats from
29.May.19China's Threat To Restrict Exports of Rare Earth Minerals to the U.S. Is an Empty
29.May.19With its grip on rare-earth minerals, China can target US weaponry in trade
29.May.19Is threat of withholding rare-earth metals a key weapon in China’s trade war with U.S.?
29.May.19'Plenty Of Cards To Play': Chinese Media Suggest Cutting Rare Earth Exports To
29.May.19Pentagon working to reduce US reliance on Chinese rare earth minerals after trade war
29.May.19How rare earth metal sales could impact U.S.-China trade
29.May.19Chinese State Media: Crackdown on Smuggling is ‘First Step in China-US Rare-Earth War’
29.May.19Eying China, Pentagon submits new report on rare earth
29.May.19Rare earth stocks come out winners in China-US trade
29.May.19VanEck Rare Earth Minerals ETF ‘REMX’ Has Surged 15% In Two
29.May.19China considers U.S. rare earth export curbs, reports Chinese
29.May.19China Has the Upper Hand With Rare Earth Metals, but Wall Street Isn’t
29.May.19U.S. trade war with China may turn rare earth elements into economic
29.May.19European shares fall, scorched by China rare earth
29.May.19Rare Earth Elements ETF Finds Itself in Middle of China Trade War
29.May.19US-China trade: what are rare-earth metals and what's the dispute?
29.May.19Beijing Threatens Damaging Rare-Earth Export Ban As Trade Fight
29.May.19EMERGING MARKETS-Emerging shares, FX dip after China warns on rare earth
29.May.19China Rare Earth shares soar; HK stocks
29.May.19China shares falter on fragile sentiment; rare earth firms
29.May.19China hints at cutting off US from rare earth
29.May.19Rare-earth card may be
29.May.19China threatens to cut off supply of rare earth minerals to
29.May.195 Rare Earth Stocks Seen Soaring as Materials Become Trade War
29.May.19LONDON MARKET CLOSE: China's Rare Earth Export Ban Threat Sinks
29.May.19U.S. trade war with China may turn rare earth elements into economic
28.May.19Beijing "Seriously Considering" Rare-Earth Export
28.May.19China state planner official: China will prioritize domestic rare earth
28.May.19Why rare earth minerals matter in the U.S.-China trade
27.May.19The Rare Earth Market in China, 2019 to
27.May.19New Tariffs on $300bn of Chinese Goods Inbound – Huawei and Rare Earths in Play?
27.May.19Pensana Metals questions rare earths price surge in
27.May.19In Malaysia, a snag in US search for alternative to Chinese rare
27.May.19Australian rare-earth ore processor wants to build a plant in the
27.May.19Explainer: Can the US take back some control of rare earths from China?
24.May.19China Rare Earth Industry Report
24.May.19China should think twice before using its rare earth dominance (again)
23.May.19Who Will Win The China-US Showdown Over Rare Earth Metals?
23.May.19China could ban export of rare earth
23.May.19China Has a Trade Weapon in Rare Earth Metals. How Worried Should the U.S. Be?
22.May.19Xi lists rare earths as important strategic resources, calls for central China's rise
22.May.19Rare earths an important strategic resource: Xi
22.May.19Rare Earths May Provide
22.May.19Today's Market View - China likely to weaponise Rare Earths in trade war
22.May.19Arafura Resources’ rare earth project has significant catalysts in the current year:
22.May.19China's other nuclear option in trade war with US – Rare earth
21.May.19Rare-Earth Stocks All Soar "Limit Up" After Xi's Threat
21.May.19China rare earth firms' stocks soar on trade war
21.May.19Xi Jinping Flexes China's Trade Muscle With Visit to Rare-Earths
21.May.19Rare earth, telecom stocks lift up China markets after Xi, Huawei
21.May.19ETF Spotlight: Rare earth
21.May.19Rare-earth shares surge following leader's visit
16.May.19Today's Market View - Rare earth stocks surge as China acts to ban Myanmar
16.May.1994% rare earth recoveries for Greenland at
16.May.19US China Trade Impasse Threatens US Lithium, Rare Earth
16.May.19Greenland optimises Kvanefjeld economics
16.May.19Analysis of Rare Earth Metals market with Strategy, productivity concept and Forecasts to
15.May.19Greenland optimises Kvanefjeld economics : $31-million increase in annual revenue, at current rare-earth
15.May.19U.S.-China Impasse Threatens Rare Earth
14.May.19US faces squeeze on rare
14.May.19China's Grip on Rare Earths in Spotlight as Trump Ducks Tariffs
14.May.19Today's Market View - China hits back at sole US rare earth
10.May.19Is it now or never for rare earth recycling?
8.May.19Govt moves SC to prevent atomic minerals mining by private
6.May.19What China Wants From Africa?
2.May.19Rare Earth Metals Market in the advanced material industry is Likely to Reach 5.6% CAGR in
16.Apr.19Global Rare Earth Metals Market Will Reach USD 14.43 Billion By 2025: Zion Market
16.Apr.19Rare-earth Bonded Magnet Market Applications Research Report Forecast to
15.Apr.19The flea, the elephant, and the fight for rare
12.Apr.19Politics could upend global trade in rare earth
12.Apr.19Texas Mineral Resources Consortium Successfully Produces Multiple High-Purity Rare Earth
10.Apr.19China's rare-earth imports from Myanmar will
9.Apr.19Northern Minerals bullish on rare earth
8.Apr.19The Geopolitics of Rare Earth
8.Apr.19Market Risers: Solo Oil PLC, Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd & Union Jack Oil
4.Apr.19China import inflection shows importance of global rare earth
3.Apr.19Rare Earth Phosphors 2019 Global Market Key
2.Apr.19New alternatives may ease demand for scarce rare-earth permanent
1.Apr.19The Race to Harvest North Korea's Rare Earth

Heavy Rare Earth MetalsRecent PriceYtD%Units31.Dec.2018
27.May.19Europium Oxide (Eu?O?)>99.5%250.0-3.8%¥ RMB / kg.Shanghai Metals Mkt.260.0
27.May.19Gadolinium (Gd)>99.9%163.048.2%$ USD / 10 gramsMillipore-Sigma110.0
27.May.19Gadolinium Oxide (Gd?O?)>99.5%205,00053.6%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.133,500
27.May.19Terbium (Tb)>99.9%4,55017.4%¥ RMB / kg.Shanghai Metals Mkt.3,875
27.May.19Terbium Oxide (Tb?O?)>99.9%3,62523.5%¥ RMB / kg.Shanghai Metals Mkt.2,935
27.May.19Dysprosium (Dy)>99%2,32540.5%¥ RMB / kg.Shanghai Metals Mkt.1,655
27.May.19Dysprosium Oxide (Dy?O?)>99.5%1,97563.2%¥ RMB / kg.Shanghai Metals Mkt.1,210
27.May.19Erbium (Er)>99.9%194.076.4%$ USD / 10 gramsMillipore-Sigma110.0
27.May.19Erbium Oxide (Er?O?)>99.5%157,5005.4%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.149.500
27.May.19Yttrium (Y)>99.9%225.00¥ RMB / kg.Shanghai Metals Mkt.225.0
27.May.19Yttrium Oxide (Y?O?)>99.99%19,0000¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.19,000
27.May.19Scandium (Sc)>99.99%22,3000¥ RMB / kg.Instut für seltene Erden22,300
27.May.19Scandium Oxide (Sc?O?)>99.99%7,0500¥ RMB / kg.Instut für seltene Erden7,050
27.May.19Battery Grade Mischmetal>99%145,0000¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.145,000
Light Rare Earth Metals
27.May.19Lanthanum (La)>99%35,500-5.3%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.37,500
27.May.19Lanthanum Oxide (La?O?)>99.5%12,250-3.9%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.12,750
27.May.19Cerium (Ce)>99%34,500-5.5%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.36,500
27.May.19Cerium Oxide (CeO?)>99.5%12,250-5.8%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.13,000
27.May.19Praseodymium (Pr)>99%690,0004.5%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.660,000
27.May.19Praseodymium Oxide (Pr?O?)>99.5%355,000-10.7%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.397,500
27.May.19Didymium Oxide (Nd?O?Pr?O?)335,0007.5%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.311,500
27.May.19Neodymium (Nd)>99.5%450,00013.1%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.398,000
27.May.19Neodymium Oxide (Nd?O?)>99.5%335,0007.5%¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.311,500
27.May.19Samarium (Sm)>99.5%98.00¥ RMB / kg.Instut für seltene Erden98.0
27.May.19Samarium Oxide (Sm?O?)>99.9%12,5000¥ RMB / TonneShanghai Metals Mkt.12,500

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